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"You have cork pull out?"...Um, excuse me, What? 07.09.2010
Wait, they had taxidermy in early 19th-Century France? 29.08.2010
Super-"excitée" about this Pistachio-Raspberry Macaron! 25.08.2010
The warden threw a party in the county jail... 22.08.2010
Maybe Mom would like this Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener... 18.08.2010
Half way there already?!?! 15.08.2010
Falafel, Salsa, and a bunch of stairs 12.08.2010
Americans for sale! 08.08.2010
My apartment 05.08.2010
It's not a trip to Paris until I break a shoe... 03.08.2010
Can't we all just get along? 30.07.2010
Je suis arrivée! (I've arrived!) 28.07.2010
Three days and counting! 23.07.2010
Welcome to my Blog!!! 13.07.2010